COPS has been a leader in security monitoring for over 36 years. Since 1978, they have built their foundation and success on helping security companies like Masada Security by providing convenient and simple tools to protect your home our business. Our business is exclusively focused on you! We succeed only if you feel safe. We can tailor a monitoring package to suit your needs.

Alarm Transmission Formats

Digital Formats
Because we’ve been monitoring alarms since 1978, we have supported, and continue to support perhaps all of the dial-up digital communication formats. If you can program it into your alarm panel today, we can support it.

POTS-Alternative (TCP/IP, Radio, Cellular) Solutions
We support several alternative solutions to POTS (dial up) communications for both primary and secondary alarm communications (radio, GSM, cellular, IP monitoring). Many of the alarm panel communication solutions are even UL-Approved for alarm monitoring. At your request we will provide a listing and description of the POTS-Alternative Technologies we support.

Expanded 2-Way Voice Alarm Monitoring Capabilities
COPS currently supports more than 40 2-way voice communication boards from many of the top manufacturers. With such expanded capabilities, we’re confident we support a 2-way voice alarm monitoring solution to help you grow your business!

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