About us


Masada Security is the culmination of highly trained sales personnel and office staff led by William Burnham who is the licensed owner. He has owned & operated the company since 1998. However, he continues to run sales appointments in order to stay connected with his clients. He says this helps him stay atop of technological advancements as well as the needs and desires of his consumers. In addition to owning the company William’s proudest job titles come from home. He is a husband to Viktoria and a father to Dylan and Sandy. He not only provides security solutions but he is a personal advocate for protection and for the peace of mind it provides. Masada Security has secured thousands of homes and businesses throughout Tampa Bay. William believes the numbers continue to rise based on the companies commitment to quality, dependable products, reliable monitoring and top notch customer service. Please feel free to contact William Burnham directly on his personal cell phone at 727-410-9695 for any concerns, comments or questions.