We are dedicated to getting you the right security system to satisfy your needs and meet your budget. Masada Security offers several of the National UL approved monitoring facilities to choose from including: Monitronics International, COPS Monitoring, Security Central Monitoring and more. Your agent will help you choose the facility that’s best for you.

Advanced Services

Two way voice will allow the monitoring facility to hear inside your home only if your alarm is set off. This is ideal for senior adults or for people with small children because you can communicate directly through a two way speaker with a trained operator on the line.

Advanced Interactive feature gives you the ability to protect your property in a non burglary or non emergency event. For example, we can notify you through a text message, email or computer generated phone call if your side gate, gun cabinet, liquor storage, cash drawer, pharmacy locker, or even shed door is open. No alarm will sound but you can be notified. This service can be provided during an armed or disarmed state. Plus you can operate your system from anywhere in the world with web access.

Integrated Alarm / Video Surveillance this feature allows you to go online in real time and see who is in your backyard, driveway or business at any given time. We’ll even send you a text message when the maid or nanny arrives and let you watch while they work. You can even pan, tilt or zoom the camera to get the best angle. Again, this can happen anywhere with internet access.



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