The Best Home Security System Includes These 7 Things:

1. Wireless and Portable

The best home security systems are wireless and portable. That’s right, gone are the days of unsightly wires and fixed systems. The new generation of home security systems are sleek plug-and-play WiFi cameras and motion sensors.

You likely already have wireless internet at home so it makes sense to leverage that for your home security as it opens up a lot of cool features. Plus, moving your home security from house to house has never been easier!

2. Smartphone and Web App Integration

The best home security systems come with a smartphone and web app allowing to you monitor your home from the palm of your hand. With gadgets becoming more sophisticated and powerful, home security will continue to leverage new web and smartphone capability opening up a range of exciting features. *That’s our app in the image above 🙂

3. Location Awareness

The best home security systems leverage location awareness. Forget keypads that require you to enter a code every time you leave and come home. Now we have geo location photo tags on your iPhone, allowing home security systems to arm and disarm your home alarm. A security system shouldn’t be something you have to manage daily, it should just work in the background.

4. Stored In The Cloud

The best security systems use protected cloud storage. Similar to your email and online files, your data is accessible from multiple devices and is protected even if your hardware gets damaged. With automatic synchronizing and back up solutions tech savvy security companies are leaving local storage behind and opting in. You’ll want in too.

5. Good User Experience

The best security systems are easy to use, plain and simple. UX has become an integral part of our expectations. Modern companies know that packing a product full of functionality is no longer enough. A clean simple interface with easy to understand language is now a requirement. This applies not only to home security but to most digital products on the market today.

6. Easy to setup

The best home security solutions are easy to setup and don’t require a professional (which saves you a lot of money). Today, there are plug-and-play security systems that allow you to get setup in minutes. For example, with IP cameras, there is no drilling holes in walls, or scaling roofs, you simply plug into power and sync the camera with your home internet.

7. Human Touch

With all this technology developing at a rapid pace, its easy to forget what makes a product personal. The best home security systems leverage the best of both worlds by using technology to automate time consuming task but providing a human touch where needed such as customer service.


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